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It's all over. . .

Check out my stories from the road as I visited every major league ballpark


On June 20, 1997, I embarked on THE GREAT AMERICAN BASEBALL TRIP -- a nationwide driving tour to visit each Major League Baseball stadium to attend a game. Throughout my trip, I examined the state of baseball and its relationship with the fans. I watched games from the stands, met with folks from the front office at each team, talked with members of the media, and looked for player insights on the National Pastime. I even ate a pretzel from every stadium and reported on its quality.

Thanks to the generous support of The Meta Network, The Great American Baseball Trip was the first fully interactive baseball journey in history. My sister Emily maintained the page and posted pictures from each stadium, post-game statistics and ratings of the food and fanfare associated with each stadium will appear on the web page.

So, check out my travels -- and follow along as I traversed the country watching the season unfold.


New this week!

8/11 - Last game of the Trip
8/9 - A game at "Gateway to the West"
8/7 - A battle of attrition in Atlanta


Here's my schedule to give you a sense of what I'll be doing and where I'll be when.

Special Events

Special Events, Special People, Special Places

Throughout my trip, I will join fans everywhere in honoring Jackie Robinson during the 50th Anniversary season of the integration of Major League Baseball. As part of my schedule I will watch several inter-league games and I will be in Cleveland for the mid-season classic. I will visit the Hall of Fame, the Louisville Slugger Museum, and that is just the beginning... You can also keep track of my road trip and the people I meet and stay with along the way!

Find out about all this and more on the special events page.

Come Join The Conversation!


Thanks to the generous support of The Meta Network, you can join in a conversation with people from all over the country and talk about the trip. I need your suggestions on where to stop to eat, your thoughts on who are the best players in baseball, and much more...
More Baseball Stuff
There's tons of information about baseball up on the web, including some pages from other people's big baseball trips. Here are some links to more general baseball stuff!
Team Pennant
Links and information about all the major league teams.
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Here's some more information about me, while you're here!


If you have any questions or advice for me, please send me some feedback! You can also read some of the other things people have sent to me.

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